The EmbedSocial platform allows you to create Forms, Popovers or Buttons that will allow you to collect reviews on your website. 

Click here to create a collect source

For more details, follow the steps below to create a collection form and get the code to embed it on your website. 

1. Go to Sources click 'Add Source' and choose 'Web Forms'

2. Type the source name, submit a link to your privacy policy and click Next

Once you do this, your form will be created and on the next screen, you will be able to customize it and get the code to embed it on your website.

3. Copy and paste the provided code into your website's body section.

Please note that by default the code will display a button that when clicked opens a form. 

Check the demo of the button.

Create a floating popover

For the popover, you will only need to change the Collect type from Button to Popup.

In the Layout bar, find the option Type and choose Popup and just click Save changes

Check the popover demo that shows as a fixed floating widget in the left-hand bottom part of the website.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance please feel free to reach out and chat with us or send us an email at

We're happy to help.

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