In this article we will share the most common CSS tags that you can use for your feeds in EmbedFeed. The idea with the Custom CSS option is to give you an entire flexibility to make sure the design of the social media feed fits with your website branding and layout. 

In this example we are changing the css of the Layout: Feed.

Change background and font: 

To change the caption area, its background, border and the text style, use the following CSS tag:


Change image style: 

The css tag for changing the style of the top images/videos in the feed posts is:  


Example of custom CSS code

Here is an example of the both CSS tags and the changes of the design and style for the feed:

.image-feed {
border: 2px solid #d9621c;
.photo-title-feed {
border: 2px solid #d9621c;

Here is the change: 

How to apply the custom css to the feed: 

Just open the edit screen of your feed and in the settings panel, scroll at the bottom to find the filed Custom CSS. Here, just add the changes of the above CSS tags, click Preview to see how the changes look. 

Once finished, click the top right button Save to make sure the changes are reflected on your website. 

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