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Embed Social Media Feeds in GoDaddy
Embed Social Media Feeds in GoDaddy
How to embed feed from social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter in your GoDaddy website
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In this article, II will show you how to embed your social media feeds in your website built with Godaddy Website Builder.

Before you begin.

Embed your feed in your GoDaddy webpage

Login to your GoDaddy account and choose the page where you want to embed the social media feeds to.

Choose where you want to display the feeds and click on Add section to add a new section.

Once you click on the Add section button, on the menu on the right hand side choose HTML and click on Add

Paste the code you generated from Social Feeds in the custom code block and click Save and Publish the changes.

That's it!

Here's a preview of how your social feeds wall will look like on your Goddady website.

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