With EmbedFeed you can add CTA buttons, which will help you set up a link for your posts, and redirect your users to the desired link or product page.

To make your posts shoppable, please login to your EmbedFeed account.

Open your Social Feeds and choose one of your feeds where you want to add the CTA buttons to.

Once you are there, open the "Links" tab as shown below.

After that, the "Links" menu will open up, in which you can select the "Button Label" and paste the desired link into the "Button Link URL" (same link to all posts) and click Save.

If you want to set different links for different posts, then click on the CTA of each post and click select the "Add button" option.

After that, you will need to manually select the "Button" type and "Button Link URL".

Make sure to click Save once you're done.

That's it!

This is how the preview of your feed will look like depending on the layout you choose.

The buttons are completely customizable and you can add your own custom CSS to change the style and the alignment.

Or just let us know what is your ideal button and we will help you out.

Also, we made sure that all help is added to you, so we also created this short video tutorial:

For any questions or additional assistance please feel free to reach out anytime, or send us an email at support@embedsocial.com

We're happy to help.

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