Please note: This is an advance feature and it is available for Enterprise users only, upon their request.

The Feed report is functionality that displays relevant data about specific feed performance once it is displayed on your website.

If you are an Enterprise user you can activate the report, by navigating to the Settings panel and with click on the Yes option for Feed Analytics.

Once the Feed Analytics is activated a new Report tab will appear in the top menu of your feed edit screen.

The top section of the report will provide the total clicks data and its distribution across the selected time period.

Individual post Insights

The social feed report contains data for each individual post separately. The current individual post insights include the following data:

  • Post click – clicks on the actual photo or post in the feed

  • Lightbox click – clicks on the post in the feed when a lightbox mode is enabled

  • Follow click – number of clicks on the Follow button to the Instagram account of the user

  • Icon click – number of clicks on the social icons displayed in the feed that redirects to the social media account where the post was generated from

  • Call To Action click – if the CTA is enabled, this metric will show the number of clicks on the button displayed for each individual post.

You can view Individual posts insights by clicking on the Insights button in the posts table displayed below the graph report.

If you need more information and how to enable this report in your account, please feel free to chat with us.

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