In this article, you will find the most used and needed CSS codes that you can manually apply to your EmbedReviews widgets.

Custom CSS can be applied, inside the widget settings, and on the bottom-left side, you will find the Custom CSS tab (Screenshot below)

Please find below, the Custom CSS codes.

Title stars, height and weight:

.es-widget-rating-container .es-star {

height: 36px;

width: 36px;


Review box border radius and background color:

.esu-box {

border-radius: 30px;

border: none;

background-color: whitesmoke;


Review box stars height and weight:

.es-stars .es-star {

height: 26px;

width: 26px;


Reviewer profile photo/avatar size:
.esu-avatar {

height: 60px;

width: 60px;


Reviewer name size:
.esu-username {

font-size: 18px;


Reviews date size and color:
.esu-date {

font-size: 14px;

color: gray;


Reviews font size:
.esu-caption-text {
font-size: 16px;

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