As we continue to improve the EmbedFeed product, we recently released a feature where we will help you and allow you to 'Tag' your products and with a single click you will redirect your viewers/customers to purchase your product.

As we all know it's very important to have 'Shoppable' feeds and tag your products, we have enabled this function for all the Social medias that we have in EmbedSocial (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...)

To "Tag" your products today, please make sure that you are logged in to your EmbedSocial account.

Or If you are new to this, just start a 7 day free trial and test out the product.

Once you have your first feed setup, please go to the 'Widgets' tab, and click 'edit' on the feed/widget that you want to 'tag'

  • Next, in the top row, you will see the option 'Links' make sure to click on it, and below you will see your posts in a 'Grid' view, where you can add individual links to them.

  • Once you click on one of your post/product, there will be 2 options to add 'button' (button link like 'buy now') or to 'Tag products'

    In this situation select 'Tag products' and you will have an option to select on which part of the Image you want to add this tag. Once you select the place, fulfill the fields needed below:

Once done, please make sure you click 'Save tag' and the final result will look like this:

Also, we made sure that all help is added to you, so we also created this short video tutorial:

Thank you and stay safe!

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