In this tutorial, I will show you how to generate YouTube videos based on a hashtag source, and display them in your responsive website builder.

So before we get started, go to the EmbedFeed application and follow the steps below.

1. Go to Sources, and 'Add new source' (screenshot below)

2. A window with social media networks will open up. Select YouTube as your source and for this example, we will use the Channel option, copy-paste the Channel URL and click 'Create source' (screenshot below)

Note: If you choose a hashtag, in the field you should add a hashtag instead of the channel URL link. Or If you go for a playlist option, just directly add the URL of the playlist.

3. Once the Channel/Hashtag/Playlist feed is generated click 'Create Widget' and you will successfully create a YouTube feed widget (screenshot below).

4. The last step, of course, is to copy-paste the code, into your responsive website widget.

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