In this article, you can follow the steps to create your Feedlink URL page, but this time using your TikTok account. For Instagram, you can click here and follow the Instagram guide.

To get started, first, you will need to log in to your account, or if you do not have an account yet, click here to get started for free!

Once you are logged in, there's a welcoming screen that you can follow, same as this guide, however here are the steps below.

1. You will need to go to Social accounts and connect your TikTok account:

2. EmbedSocial will redirect you to TikTok, to log in using your account, or If you are already logged in, just click 'Authorize'

3. Your Feedlink page will be created! To add Custom links to all of your posts, you can go to Block settings (screenshot below)

- Select a button label for example 'Buy' and add the link URL to the desired product or service page, or even blog post. This will affect all your posts, and they will become clickable with the external link that you added in the Link URL box.

4. If you want to add Custom links individually for each post, just directly click on the post Image (screenshot below)

Select the Label button and Link URL, and click 'Save changes'

That's it! Your Feedlink URL is now linked and ready to go live!

The Feedlink URL can be found in the top-left corner, as the screenshot below:

Grab the link, and go ahead add it to your Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, or even YouTube profile Bio!

Here's a video on YouTube, where you can watch this whole setup

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to reach out and chat with us or send us an email at

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