Here's an article on how to use EmbedFeed and display the entire Feed of your Facebook business page in your responsive website builder.

Once you log in to your account, follow the steps below:

1. Go to 'Sources' and click 'Add new source' (screenshot below)

2. Select the Facebook option (screenshot below)

3. In the next window, you can choose between:
- Facebook page posts

- Facebook mentions
- Facebook page posts

In the example below, we will go ahead with Facebook page posts. Once you click on the 'Page posts' on the 'Select Facebook page' field, on the drop-down menu select the Facebook page that you want to pull the posts from, and click 'Create source' (screenshot below)

4. After a couple of seconds, the feeds will be pulled, and click 'Create widget' to create your Facebook Feed widget and finally, you can grab the code from the 'Copy code' section (screenshot below)

That's it!

You can click HERE and follow an article on how to embed this to your responsive website builder!

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