In this article, you will learn how to receive notifications on your email address, whenever there's a new response from your Forms.

If you still don't have your first form set up, please feel free to watch our previous article and create your online Form.

Step 1.

From the home screen, click the Forms button, on the left-hand side, and choose which form you want to 'edit' (screenshot below)

Step 2.

Once you land inside the Form, you will see the option General settings, which you will also find 'Email notification'.

Click the switch button to enable the notifications, input the email address that you want to receive notification for new responses, and click 'Save' in the top-right corner (screenshot below)

Note: Use a comma (,) and empty space to add more emails.

That's it! Now you have activated the notifications for Forms through your email.

Also, If you feel like you need a demo of our product, with our EmbedSocial account managers, please click the Calendly link, and schedule one!


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