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Collect New EmbedSocial Responses as Rows in Google Sheets Using Zapier
Collect New EmbedSocial Responses as Rows in Google Sheets Using Zapier
Integrate your Forms responses in Google Sheets using Zapier
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With EmbedForms, you now have the option to add the collected responses from your forms directly into Google Sheet rows.

To do this, click on the form that you want to integrate with Google Sheets, go to Integrations, and choose the first integration allowing for form responses to be collected as rows in Google Sheets:

Once you click on the Use this Zap button, a new window will open up, starting the integration with Zapier. Click on Get Started to kickoff with the integration:

The first step is to connect your EmbedSocial account (you can add multiple accounts if you have more than one), and click on Next:

Then, choose the form from which you wish to integrate the responses, and click on Next:

The next thing to do is to choose the Google Sheet where you want the responses to be collected in rows:

Once the Google Sheet is selected, you can map the fields from EmbedSocial by just clicking on the dropdown menu, and once you're done with that, click on Next:

The next step is to Test if the Zap works well, and to do this, just click on the Send test button:

If the rows are added correctly in your Google Sheet, feel free to Turn on Zap and finish the integration:

That's it! Your form responses will now be collected in your Google Sheet.

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