In this article, we will explain the most common reason why we cannot pull Instagram reels that contain music.

If there are some Instagram reels that are not pulled inside your EmbedSocial account and contain music, then the most common reason is that Instagram is not sharing these reels through their official API due to copyright violations.

This happens because anything published to the platform that can be considered an original work (for example writing, artwork, photos, music, etc.) is protected from infringement.

Common examples of copyright infringement on Instagram are:

  • Uploading videos featuring copyrighted music

  • Reposting another user’s photo or designs

  • Advertising a product using an existing brand’s product photos

You can learn more about Instagram copyright regulations on this link.

Please note that we are pulling posts directly from the Instagram API, and due to Instagram API regulations, some Instagram Reels that contain copyrighted music may not be pulled.

*This is not happening to all Reels that have music inside them.

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