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How to embed a widget on Hubspot?
How to embed a widget on Hubspot?
Steps on how you can embed your widget on your HubSpot website
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In this tutorial, I will give you a detailed walkthrough on how to embed your EmbedSocial widget on your HubSpot website.

Before we begin, first you will need to copy the code inside your widget here:

Once the code is copied, Login to your Hubspot account, select the page where you would like to embed the widget, and click edit.

Click on the (+) icon in the editor to add a new layout:

Then, just drag and drop rich text into the created module:

Remove the automatically added text, click insert and select Embed:

Insert the already copied code and click insert:

That's it.

The widget should be immediately shown on your page.

If you need additional assistance, you can always reach out to our live chat, or email us at:

Hope you will find this tutorial helpful.

Thank you

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